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Lancashire Floristry Masterclasses

Last November we hosted our first ever Masterclass.... and what a beautiful day it was! We've now just announced our 2023 Spring Masterclass Dates, and the Designs are going to be epic! Read all about it below....

Flower Trolley Pull mayeshpulls

At our November session we created a show stopping Table Scape Design, including a large Wooden Frame Backdrop, Low Table Centre Designs and decorated with Table Styling/Accessories to make it all blend beautifully together.

I chose to go with a Monochrome Colour Palette, and the results were incredible! Not many people choose to have a Monotone Wedding/Event, so it's always so much fun to work with Colour Palettes that don't usually pop up on customer briefs.

As you can see, we were all about the Lilacs, Purples & Lavender Tones.

Joseph Massie Flower School

This particular workshop ran over 2 Days - we included Conditioning (some people were complete beginners and let's face it, every Florist needs to know how to Condition) & Low Designs on Day 1. And Day 2 we created the huge Backdrop Design & Table Scape. Throughout the 2 Days we all vibed sooo much and it was just so refreshing to be able to chat heart to heart with other Florists. Floristry can sometimes be a lonely career, so having a support system of other Florists makes a whole world of good!

Take a look at our wonderful Students in action.

Before each task, I talk Students through a Demo, as well as making lots of notes and sketches to ensure everyone has a clear idea of what they're doing, and how they're going to do it. On the Large Design, I started the Students off then spilt them into two groups.

Olive Owl Flowers

Working together on the designs meant that the Students had to constantly check each others work and keep up good communication - this is so so important for big freelance jobs as everyone has their own unique style but when you're working for someone else on a big event, you need to ensure you're always in keeping with the overall style.

We will be creating another group design for our Spring Hanging Installation Masterclass. Each Student will get a section of a Flower Cloud to cover.

Students will also get the opportunity to create their own Small Flower Cloud. The Nov Masterclass Students created their own Modern Low Designs, which we then placed on the Table to create a Floral Runner.

After both designs where made, I gave the Students the chance to delve into our Treasure Trove of Goodies - Lanterns, Candles, Fabrics, Bud Vases, etc.Least to say, they were like Kids in a Candy Store!

The Students made all the final decisions on what Fabrics/Accessories to use for the Table Scape, ensuring that it all blended with the Florals & the Palette perfectly. And what an amazing job they did!!

Take a look at the overall piece....

North West Flower School

We were all blown away by how beautiful it all came out!! These designs are not only going to boost our Students Portfolios but the Masterclass gave them a new found confidence when it comes to creating bigger designs. I can't wait to see what the future brings for our lovely November Students!



Both Masterclasses are £300. A £150 fee is required to secure your Space. The remaining £150 is due on the day. Both of these sessions are a 1 Day Course running from 10am - 2/3pm.

Students will get to keep all the Florals & get the opportunity to take lots of Photos/Videos at the end of the Session.

Lancashire Floristry School

Want to try Floristry but something less career focused? Why not come to one of our Workshops? Our next Workshop is our WREATH & RAVE - SPRING EDITION.

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