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How much do Wedding Flowers actually cost?

Setting a Wedding Budget can be tricky when nobody talks about the costs...

We realize we don’t chat about costs much on our social media, but we always aim to keep it real with our couples about their flower budget.

Each florist has their own way of pricing based on their style, location, skill level, and more. Plus, flower prices change daily! Yep, you heard that right—prices are set by a daily auction in Aalsmeer, Holland. One day a rose might be £1, and the next day it could be £1.45. So, giving an exact cost for your flowers is a bit like predicting the weather.

But don’t worry! With our years of experience, we can give you a pretty good estimate that shouldn’t change too much when you get your final proposal a few weeks before your big day.

We do our best to estimate costs accurately so there are no nasty surprises on the final bill. However, things like Brexit and other global events can sometimes throw a wrench in the works.

So, let's talk costs.

Here is our average Price Guide which is aimed to help you set a realistic budget but please bear in mind that Prices can differ greatly due to Seasonality, Availability, Colour, Stem Length, Popularity & Global Holidays such as Mother's Day.

Wedding Party Flowers

Bridal Bouquet - £200

Bridesmaid Bouquet - £95

Buttonholes - £15

Corsages - £22.50

Flower Girls - £20

Page Boys - £10

Dog Flowers - £25

Table Flowers - Priced per Table

Includes Styling Accessories such as Candles, Tealights & Fabric. Table Flowers will often be used to decorated the Ceremony Room beforehand.

Ikebana - £65

Bud Vases - £95

Mini Bowls - £150

Footed Bowls - £185

Urns - £300

Flower Towers - £385

Top Table - £500


This section is where the price varies the most as Installations can be minimalist, the full works or something in between. These designs can also be used in the Ceremony first, then moved into the Wedding Breakfast Room and potentially again for the Evening.

Backdrop Flowers - £850

Backdrop Frame Hire - £150

16ft Flower Meadow - £2000

Stair Flowers - £500

Sign Flowers - £150


Cake Flowers - £55

Pew Ends - £20

Bar Flowers - £75

Thank You Bouquets - £40

Set Up Fees

The bit every forgets about. This can vary depending on distance from our Studio, how full on or intimate the Wedding is and how much there is to make on site.

Set Up for 2x Florists - £325

Delivery - £65

Load out - £150

How much do people tend to spend?

Every couple is different when it comes to their wedding budget. While general advice suggests setting aside 8% for florals, this isn't a hard and fast rule. Some couples might want to go all out on flowers, while others might prefer to spend more on the venue and keep the florals minimal.

Our minimum spend is £2,000, and that's because once we add in styling items along with the florals, it's rare to see a bill lower than this. On average, our couples spend between £3,500 and £6,500 on their wedding florals, but we've done weddings where the floral bill goes up to £15,000 and beyond!

Example Wedding Flower Costs

Example 1 - £3390

2x Bridal Bouquets - £200 each

3x Bridesmaids - £95 each

6x Buttonholes - £15 each

2x Corsages - £22.50 each

3x Bud Vase Tables - £95 each

3x Mini Bowl Tables - £150 each

Top Table - £350 (Buds & Mini Bowls)

Moongate Backdrop Hire & Florals - £750

Welcome Sign - £150

Minimal Cake Flowers - £35

Set Up Fees - £550

Example 2 - £6115

1x Bridal Bouquet - £200

5x Bridesmaids - £95 each

10x Buttonholes - £15 each

2x Corsages - £22.50 each

3x Mini Bowl Tables - £150 each

3x Footed Bowls - £185 each

3x Flowers Towers - £385 each

Top Table - £250 (Buds & Maids Bouquets)

16ft Flower Meadow - £2000

Welcome Sign - £150

Minimal Cake Flowers - £35

Set Up Fees - £650

Example 3 - £11,205

1x Bridal Bouquet - £200

4x Bridesmaids - £95 each

8x Buttonholes - £15 each

4x Corsages - £22.50 each

4x Bud Vases - £95 each

4x Footed Bowls - £185 each

4x Flowers Towers - £385 each

Top Table - £2500 (Full Floral Runner)

10ft Column Backdrop - £4000

Large Welcome Sign - £250

Cake Flowers - £55

Set Up Fees - £950

We create weddings like these cost examples all the time, and we're proud of each one. Our focus is always to bring our clients' dreams to life, whether their budget is £3,000 or £10,000. We love playing with colour and combining elegant, romantic florals with fun, modern styling.

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your Wedding Florals, then we'd love to hear from you.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!




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