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Our Flowers saved someone's life

Updated: 5 days ago

On March 8th, Michaela found herself at Gathurst Station in Wigan, feeling overwhelmed and contemplating ending her life. Yet, in that moment of despair, a small but significant gesture—a free bunch of flowers—offered her a glimmer of hope.

On International Women's Day, Sarah, the owner of Olive Owl Flowers, embarked on a mission of kindness in her local community. With a surplus of flowers and a heart full of gratitude, she set out to spread joy by gifting five free bunches of flowers. Little did she know the profound impact her gesture would have on one particular life.

Enter Michaela's story. Struggling with postnatal depression since the birth of her youngest son, Nico, Michaela battled with her mental health. On that fateful Friday, March 8th, she made the heartbreaking decision to end her life.

Arriving at Gathurst Train Station, Michaela encountered a sight that would change everything. Resting on the seats was a beautiful bunch of flowers with an 'Adopt Me' sign attached, adorned with a poignant quote by Ntozake Shange: "Where there is Woman, there is Magic."

In that moment, those flowers became a lifeline for Michaela. They whispered to her that her existence mattered, that she still belonged in this world. They cradled her until other passengers arrived, a beacon of hope in her darkest hour.

Feeling a profound connection, Michaela reached out to Sarah, and it quickly became apparent to both women that their encounter was no mere coincidence—they were meant to join forces and make a difference. Sarah, having tragically experienced suicide in her own family with the loss of her beloved cousin Sam three years prior at just 27 years old, was driven by a deep desire to bring awareness to this issue. She couldn't shake the thought that if Sam had encountered flowers like Michaela did, perhaps he would still be here.

A month later, Sarah and Michaela found themselves united in a shared mission. Together, they launched the #petalsofpositivity campaign, rallying florists across the UK to join their cause. Recognizing that florists often encounter wastage throughout the year, they envisioned transforming this surplus into something meaningful. After all, if they couldn't spread happiness through flowers, then when could they?

Sarah's recent social media post about the campaign sparked an overwhelming response from hundreds of people, including numerous passionate florists from all corners of the UK—from the northern reaches of Scotland to the southern shores of Kent—all eager to lend their support to this inspiring initiative.



Florists - we'd LOVE it if you could get involved.

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The amazing Florists who have already signed up

Something Different for Every Occasion, Wigan


Sarah and Michaela are deeply touched by the outpouring of support from those who have already joined their cause. Their hope is that others won't have to endure the depths of struggle experienced in Michaela and Sarah's story. Yet, amidst their shared journey, one truth has become abundantly clear: even the smallest acts of kindness have the power to create monumental ripples of impact.



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