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The Easy Way to Buy Your Wedding Flowers Online


It came to our attention that those who have super Intimate Weddings aren't getting the High Quality, Gorgeous Wedding Florals that they deserve - and we'd like to change that! We've created a simple system that allow couples to order their Wedding Party Flowers in a hassle free way.

We appreciate that not every couple will want the full works when it comes to their Wedding Florals - this may be because you're officially getting Married abroad, or you want to save money for other things like a seriously insane Honey Moon (I see you!) or you're just so desperate to marry the love of your life but the cost of living crisis has stumped you when it comes to Wedding Flowers?

Or, are you like me and your just so God Damned busy all the time and need it sorting without all the hassle?

Either way, we've got you!!

Here's the thing.

We've offered Wedding Party Florals in the past but stopped it last year for a couple of reasons.....

  1. Because we buy in bulk, Small Weddings tend to actually create more waste than Full Weddings (and by Full, I mean, Table Flowers, Backdrops, Signs, etc if you're looking for Full Wedding Florals then click here to enquire), and of course, waste means money down the drain, so as a Small Business, we decided to put a stop to Small Weddings until further notice.

  2. We didn't have a fluid system set up for couples ordering Wedding Party Flowers and instead went through the whole process of Meetings and sending out Proposals, which we felt was a waste of time for both parties involved. You need something quick and simple, and we hear you!

So, we've done some thinking and changed things up. We've made things better for not only you Love Birds, but also for our beloved Flower Biz too.

Small Wedding Packages North West


Here's what we'll require from you:

  1. Your colour palette - this can be as simple as 'Anything Vibrant and Summery' or you can list your Colour Palette, such as: Burnt Orange, Rust, Nude and Soft Pinks.

  2. When then need to know what tone of colours you like. Not everyone likes Muted Pastel tones and some people are big lovers of Bold and Bright!

  3. Is there is any colours or flowers you dislike? Yes, these designs are going to be somewhat of a surprise for you but we want to make sure we tailor the flowers and colours to your personal preference as much as possible.

Here's how it works:

Rather than going through the meeting process, you can now purchase your Wedding Flowers directly online.

A word of warning....

This process is purely for those who are open minded about their Wedding Flowers, who love Olive Owl's Style and the way we work with Colour. If you're someone who has a huge list of Flowers you intend for us to use, then unfortunately this isn't the process for you. We'll be creating these designs with Seasonal Florals only, to ensure we don't end up with lots of waste but to do our bit for the environment too.

We'll be offering Delivery (if within a 45 Min drive from our Studio in Orrell, Wiga ) and Collection. This can be up to 2 days in advance, though we would always recommend the day before, where possible.

We want to make sure these packages are inclusive as possible; we have therefore created different packages for Same Sex/Opposite Sex couples.

These include: Mrs & Mrs | Mr & Mrs | Mr & Mr

We have 3 packages available:

The Intimate One | The In Between One | The Everything One

These start from £245 and go up to £880.

Below Packages

Packages can be slightly customised, especially for Same Sex Couples, as we appreciate your Wedding Party Members may differ from the Mr & Mrs Packages.

Flowers can be ordered up to 1 year in advance, and no later than 2 weeks prior to your Wedding. We need to make sure we have time to order your Flowers and allow them to open in Full Bloom before your Wedding.

So there you go!

A simple and easy way to organise your [rather Gorgeous] Wedding Flowers, directly from the comfort of your Home.

Like with every Wedding, we put the same amount of Love and Passion into creating these Textured, Bold and Sophisticated Wedding Package Florals as all our Weddings. Take a look at our Instagram or Gallery to have a nosy at our previous work.






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