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Floristry Masterclass: Flower Clouds

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Take a look at how amazing our students did at our hanging installation masterclass.

Back in November we hosted our first ever masterclass: Table scape & large frame installation but this time, it was all about the flower cloud!

Floristry Courses North West

Class sizes are kept relatively small; not only does this give us more space to create large designs, but also allows me more time to devote to each student.

Great Way To Build Your Portfolio

Masterclasses are a great way to build your floristry portfolio as well as giving you that all important confidence build, whether it's for the actual arranging of flowers or the technical mechanics side.

Relying on wedding's to build your floristry portfolio to the level you want can take years, whereas taking courses like this one is a great way to fast track and add bigger designs to your portfolio, ultimately pushing you towards your dream client.

Advocates of Colour

Here at Olive Owl we are big advocates of colour! (you may already have noticed!).

Whilst we are lucky enough to have some gorgeous colour palettes from our wedding work, some florists may struggle to break away from the ever popular white & green weddings.

Therefore, our masterclasses have and always will be all about the colour.

We want our students to feel confident with colour - it can be somewhat daunting if you're not used to working with colour, but we're here to change that!

Spring Palette

For this particular masterclass I chose a spring palette of greens, whites, yellows, lilacs, purples and hints of pink.

I gave students the option to either evenly space the colours or create an ombre design. We all soon decided that ombre was the way to go!

As there were 4 students, they all each took a section of the cloud and worked/communicated throughout the whole process to ensure that the overall design came together as one piece.

They Did An Amazing Job

To which I can confirm they all did an AMAZING job!! Some of our students, having only done some basic floristry, had never made a cloud before, so I was rather proud of them when the piece was finished!

As well as the group design, each student made an individual cloud which we hung up after as a separate design piece, which gave each student two design set ups for their portfolio.

The session ran from 10am - 3pm with a Lunch break included. Our next masterclass which focuses on wedding table centres will also to a similar time frame.

To request more info about our Masterclasses - click here.

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Below are some behind the scenes, along with the finished pieces.

Hanging Flower Installation

Lancashire Flower School

Liverpool Flower School

McQueens Flower School

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