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Flower & Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Wedding Day Memories That Last a Lifetime.

Sounds Good, Right?


It’s going to be the biggest (and best) day of your life, and while you’ll have plenty of photos to look back on, what about saving your wedding bouquet to have something physical to look back on?

Professional Wedding Flower Preserver

Preserving memories has always been a cherished practice, especially when it comes to significant events such as weddings.

Brides, in particular, often find themselves looking for ways to keep their bridal bouquets fresh and intact for years to come.

Drying Process & Preservation Process

This is where Olive Owl comes in with their specialized preservation method, which revives the original beauty of the bridal bouquet to nearly perfect condition, even after several years.

At Olive Owl, the preservation process involves drying and treating each individual flower to maintain its color and texture.

The flowers are then arranged back into the original bouquet shape, ensuring that no element is out of place.

This intricate process is done with incredibly careful attention to detail, resulting in a preserved bouquet that truly captures the essence of the original.

flower preservation
bridal bouquet preservation
bridal wedding flowers preservation

Framing and Frame Design

To make things even better, Olive Owl offers the option to box and frame the preserved bouquet, creating a long-lasting and stunning floral wall feature.

This allows the bouquet to become a cherished art piece, showcasing the beauty of the wedding day and the lasting memories that come with it.

Whether it’s displayed in the living room, bedroom, or even the office, the framed bouquet will always remind the bride of her special day, adding a touch of elegance and grace to any space.

With Olive Owl’s bouquet preservation services, brides can now hold onto their cherished memories forever.

wedding flower bouquet preservation frame choices smooth frames
wedding bouquet preservation frame choice grain frames
wedding flowers preservation
wedding florist preservation
flower preservation



The Flowers are out of this world....they even made me cry!!! So happy we had them framed <3


Chelsea & Connor | Wedding Florals & Preservation Couple 

How does wedding flower and wedding bouquet preservation work?

Once the day is over, and sore heads and heels are slowly creeping in, we can take the bouquets and the displays to dry preserve them, so you have a keepsake from the day. 

Maintain Their Former Glory 


We preserve them in 3D silica gel, so they don’t get pressed. By bouquet drying they maintain their natural form and former glory.


We'll rearrange the florals onto cards and in the shape of your bouquet, taking care to use the same ribbon that we used for the day itself! 

Huge Range of Frames and Finishes

Collaborating with a professional framer, Artisan Framing Services, you get to choose from a huge range of frames and finishes depending on your style and your home. 

10-Week Turnaround

A word of warning, we will need the flowers to be dropped off to us no later than two days after the wedding, and they’ll be dried in around six to eight weeks.


Then, the framers can take around two weeks, so in roughly ten weeks from your wedding, you will get a lovely little something to reminisce with!

Please note that during wedding season, preservation may take a little longer, but we will let you know the timelines when you book in with us!

Ready to make memories?

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