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North West Flower School

Ready to learn something new?!

Olive Owl Flowers Flower School gives you the chance to step into our world and see how we do things around here. You’ll learn in our Industrial Wigan based Studio and get to explore a whole new side of floristry that is filled with fun and colour.

Whether you’re an avid Flower Workshop, or you’re relatively new to the world of Flowers and you want to gain new skills, we will throw open our doors and our arms and share everything we know with you.

Floristry Workshops in Lancashire

We host Private Flower Workshops too!

Are you stuck for ideas for your Baby Shower or Hen Party? Or perhaps your 40th is coming up and you know you and the gang would just love getting crafty for a few hours whilst enjoying delicious food and, of course, lots of fizz! These sessions are aimed at anyone who wants to try out a new skill, enjoy an activity with friends and have a fun time getting creative! 

Sessions can take place at my Studio (max 10 people) or we can come to you and set up in your home, or at your favourite venue.

Fill out the enquiry form below or give us a call to organise your Flower Party!

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Seasonal Flower Workshops for all levels

Before discovering my passion for Floristry, I was deeply involved in Performing Arts and envisioned a life centred around that. While that path didn't materialize, it hasn't deterred me from integrating my love for the stage with floristry. While hosting Seasonal Floristry Workshops may not entirely be the same thing, it brings me immense joy to offer guests a memorable experience.


My goal is for everyone to leave feeling empowered, refreshed, and with smiles on their faces. These workshops serve as an opportunity for personal enrichment, bonding with loved ones, and embracing the pleasure of learning something new. I believe in the value of exploring new avenues, particularly within the realm of arts and crafts.


No previous Floristry experience is necessary; I guide participants through the entire process and offer advice as needed. Our workshops are Seasonal and held throughout the year either at our Unit in Orrell or local Bars/Cafes. Most sessions take place on weekends, with occasional mid-week workshops during peak times like Christmas for wreath-making.


If you're intrigued by the idea of trying your hand at Floristry, we'd be thrilled to have you join us. Check out our upcoming workshops below.


PS - We also offer gift workshops. You can find more information about them here.


Thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon. We really enjoyed it. My mum was ill for some of last year and she's regaining her confidence to go back out and enjoy life, so it was a special day for us all to be out doing something new. 

Private Workshop Attendee


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