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North West Flower School

It’s time to get wild. 

Ready to learn more about floristry and refine your skills?

Flower School gives you the chance to step into the world of Olive Owl and see how we do things around here. You’ll learn in our quirky Lancashire-based studio and get to explore a whole new side of floristry that is filled with fun and colour.

Whether you’re a professional who learned things the traditional way, or you’re relatively new to the industry and you want to gain new skills, we will throw open our doors and our arms and share everything we know with you.

We host Seasonal Flower Workshops too!

From Flowers in a Pumpkin to Christmas Wreaths & Garlands. These sessions are aimed at anyone who wants to try out a new skill, enjoy an activity with friends and have a fun time getting creative!

Our Flower School Masterclasses..

Are a whole day long and will teach you plenty of new skills. Please bring with you all of your questions, because we want to hear and answer every single one of them - it will be a small group, so everyone will get the chance to speak up and ask. 


Our Masterclasses promise to be full of unique Colours combinations, lots of texture along with bold blooms and seasonal florals to get you thinking and being your most creative self. Class sizes are kept relatively small; not only does this give us more space to create Large Designs, but also allows me more time to devote to each Student.

Masterclasses are a great way to build your Floristry Portfolio as well as giving you that all important confidence build, whether it's for the actual arranging of Flowers or the technical mechanics side. Relying on Wedding's to build your Floristry Portfolio to the level you want can take years, whereas taking courses like this one is a great way to fast track and add bigger designs to your Portfolio, ultimately pushing you towards your Dream Client.


If you’re as excited about it as us and you can’t wait to book, click or tap below to save your seat, there aren’t too many places so we can give you all the love and all the attention. 


If you have a question, send it on through to and pop ‘Masterclass’ in the subject line so we can get back to you asap, or fill in an enquiry form here.


See you soon in our studio of dreams, 


Olive Owl x


Would definitely recommend! Sarah was such a fab teacher and put everyone at ease. We created an amazing design, learnt loads and had a blast meeting new florists! Thank you, Sarah! x 

Masterclass Student


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