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If you happen to book your Wedding with us, then you'll receive one of these Tote Bag absolutley free. But we think they're far too cute and should be available to anyone who wants one!

Our Hot Pink Tote Bags make the cutest Shopping Bag! I use mine on Special Occasions only (it's much too fancy for the weekly food shop!) but get me to a Farm Shop or Artisan Market and you know this Darling Bag will be on my shoulders ready to make me look like the put-together Sunday Chills Queen that my insta portrays me to be...



PS - With each sale we'll donate £1 to a Wigan Based Mental Health Charity. This is something very close to my heart, and something I feel strongly about supporting. 


Ivory Tote Bags coming soon!


Olive Owl Tote Bag

  • Colour: Hot Pink/Cerise

    Text: 'Olive Owl Flowers' Logo

    Size: 25cm Wide & 35cm High

    Material: 100% Cotton

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