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Super Gorgeous & Stress Free Wedding Party Florals 


Aimed at Couples who only want a few items - if you require Table Flowers, Backdrops & Installations as well as Wedding Party Florals then please fill out an enquiry form here and we'll arrange a meeting to chat all things Flowers. 



  • 2x Groom Buttonhole*
  • 4x Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • 4x Buttonhole
  • 2x Corsage - These can be Body or Wrist**
  • 1x Flower Girl Alice Band
  • 1x Page Boy Buttonhole


WORTH - £550



*Pocket Square Designs can be purchased for an extra fee. (Pictured last with Navy Silk).


**Please note that Body Corsages cannot be worn by those who have Pace Makers, as this particular design is attached by a Magnet. 


Please see the images for examples of Size & Style of the Florals. Bouquets will be the Standard Size for Bridal, with Bridesmaids being as per, a bit Smaller.  


TO ADD YOUR COLLECTION/DELIVERY DATE: Once you have added this into your Basket, at Check Out there is a Comment Box to add more Info. Please put your Date and any other info in there. 

Wedding Package: The Everything One | Mr & Mr

  • With everything, ever, costing more and more, we've decided to reintroduce our Wedding Party Flowers Service - because why shouldn't you have super gorgeous Wedding Florals for a Small Wedding too?!


    Last year we closed orders for Wedding Party Flowers Only as we felt that small orders as we released they were creating too much waste, which of course means money down the drain - and as a Small Business, it was really important that we addressed this. 


    So, that's why this time we're doing things a little differently. Rather than arranging a meeting and going through the proposal process, which is the norm for Full Weddings, we will have a selection of Packages available for you to order directly online and this can be done up to two weeks before your Wedding. 


    It literally could not be more simple when it comes to ordering your Wedding Flowers! Huraayy!


    Here's a few things you need to know: 

    • Be open minded! If you're someone who has a list of specfic flowers and styles, and want everything in a certain way, then unfortuntaley this process isn't for you. This is for couples who LOVE Olive Owl's Style, the way we work with Colour and can trust us to create their gorgeous Wedding Florals. 
    • Apart from a few key details that you'll input upon ordering, there isn't much else you'll need to do. Once you've ordered we'll be in touch to confirm that it's been recieved and pop it in the diary. 
    • Please do not order any later than 2 Weeks prior to your Wedding. We will need time to order the Florals and allow them to open nicely before your Big Day. 
    • Please do not order any sooner than 1 year in advance. 
    • We have mulitple packages available - if you need to add a few items, then please email us before ordering, however you cannot take items off. If you find yourself with an extra Bridesmaid Bouquet, for example, then this could easily be popped into a Vase and used for decoration. Email:
    • Your Florals can be collected or deliveried (if within a 45 drive from Wigan) up to 2 Days before your Wedding Day, but where possible we do always recommend the day before.
    • The smaller the package, the more limited the Flower variation will be. This is because we buy Flowers in bulk, so to avoid waste, smaller packages will have less variety of Florals compared to other packages.  
    • Unlike the Full Wedding Service where couples receive a Mood Board & Inspiration Board, this will be different. We will be creating the florals based solely on Seasonal & Colours mixed in with our Style. We cannot be held accountable for anyone who does not like their Florals. 


    Things we'll need to know: 

    • Your Colours: some couples have a colour palette in mind, others are really open and just want something 'Vibrant and Bold'.  We're happy to hear either (:
    • What tones of colours will you require: for example, do you want Muted Pastels, Bold Jewels, or Vibrant Brights?
    • Are there any Colours or Flowers you dislike?


    We will be creating these Florals with Seasonal Flowers/Flowers that represent your Colour Palette best. If you're buying this package, then you already trust and love our style - so just know, like with every Wedding, we're going to make these BEAUTIFUL for you! <3 

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